For any enquiries about hire please contact Nick Noble on 07587006639

Surf Hire FAQ

With our hire you can just turn up on the day! However please check our surf check page updated by 9am each day to ensure conditions are suitable.

You can just turn up on the day and hire, however please check our surf check page updated by 9am each day to ensure conditions are suitable.

Payment for hire of equipment on the day is currently by cash only.

We are located at the Surf School on the Lower Promenade walk past the pier away from the Car Park.  

We have changing facilities and you are more than welcome to use them.

We have a large assortment of wetsuits, boards, body boards and surf skis.

If you would like to make a booking for 5 or more people please contact Nick Noble on: 07587006639

We normally consider 1.5ft Surf more than sufficient for an adult to catch a wave and surf. There for we would only postpone any bookings and re-schedule if the surf was less than 1.5ft or conditions were considered too dangerous. If this is the case you will receive a text message by 9am on the morning of the booking. If you don’t hear from us just turn up for your booking. If you have any individual requirements or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Security/Proof of ID

Hirers must provide a valid piece of photographic ID. We will accept a valid driving licence or passport.  Your ID will be kept for the duration of the hire of equipment and will be returned upon return of the equipment subject to inspection.  Please see Late Return or Damage to Hire Equipment below.


Surfing and the use of the hire equipment (even in accordance with its intended use) can be inherently dangerous. By hiring the equipment you are accepting this risk and are acknowledging that you are exposed to certain risks which include but are not limited to to physical hazards, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous surf and weather conditions and actions of other persons.

In signing this document you acknowledge that accidents can and often do happen which may result in you being injured or worse. You have voluntarily read and understood this warning and accept and assume the inherent risks in using the hire equipment.

Use of Hired Equipment  

As a hirer you understand the use of the Hired Equipment is beyond the control of the Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre. You acknowledge and agree that any advice, recommendation, information or services provided by North East Surf Centre regarding the Hired Equipment and its use shall not be construed as contractual conditions or warranties.

You agree that the Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre Redcar shall not, subject to Exclusion of Implied Terms as detailed below, be liable to you for loss or damage sustained by yourself as a consequence of any incorrect advice, recommendations, information or services provided by the ourselves regarding the Hired Equipment or the methods or conditions of use of the Hired Equipmen. Whether such loss was caused by any act of negligence, act of recklessness or any breach of duty of care which may be owed to me by the Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre.

Exclusion of Implied Terms

Where I am a consumer of recreational services, as defined by any relevant law, certain terms and rights usually implied into a contract for the supply of goods or services may be excluded.

You acknowledge that these implied terms as well as other terms and rights implied into consumer contracts by statute and any liability of the Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre flowing from them, are expressly excluded to the extent possible by law, by this agreement.

To the extent of any liability arising, the liability of Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre will be limited to the resupply of the hiring services or payment of the cost of having the hiring services supplied again. The Surf School’s liability does not extend to consequential loss.

Release and Indemnity

Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre is agreeing to hire equipment to you to the extent permitted by law. You are agreeing to release us from all Claims that you may have arising from or in connection with the hire and use of the Hired Equipment; and you indemnify Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre in respect of any Claim by any person arising as a result of or in connection with your hire or use of the Hired Equipment.

Late return or Damage to Hired Equipment

Failure to return Hire Equipment may be the subject of criminal complaint for theft against the practice of civil responsibility of the contract between the parties.

If you deliver the rented equipment after the time period of rental has expired you agree to pay any additional charge for that period of time.

By signing this you agree to accept all responsibility and liability for any loss or damage to the Hired Equipment (however caused) which occurs during the course of your hire of the Hired Equipment

Any damage/loss must be reported to Saltburn Surf and/or North East Surf Centre immediately and the Customer will be responsible for the damage/loss occurring. You also agree to compensate us, for any and all loss of or damage to the Hired Equipment including, if required by the centre, the replacement of the Hired Equipment and authorise the Centre to apply charges to the fee.

Please see examples below:

If by any chance you do damage the equipment examples of damages such as;  dents, chips and deep scratches could incur charges of £25.

If equipment is lost or damaged beyond repair the Customer will be  charged at replacement cost i.e. £260 + VAT for some NSP surfboard’s.

Fitness to Participate

You declare that you (and any others that you are responsible for) are medically and physically fit and able to participate in the sport of surfing and to use the Hired Equipment.

Hirers must be able to swim at least 50m for surfing and 100m for stand up paddling.

You understand and accept that Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre will rely upon this agreement as evidence of my fitness and ability to properly use the Hired Equipment.


In signing this you understand that the information you have provided above is necessary for the objects of the Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre.

You acknowledge and agree that the information will only be used for the objects of the Salltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre and its general business.  You understand that you will be able to access the information, through the Saltburn Surf and North East Surf Centre, upon reasonable notice.

If the information is not provided your application for hire may be rejected.

General Hire

Popular Combos

Hire Opening Times

Hire Opening depends on there being suitable and safe surf conditions so these times are a guide only. For confirmed times please refer to the Surf Check page as each day comes.

Monday – Closed (unless Bank holiday or School Holidays then we will be open for hire and lessons).

Tues – Open dependent on surf conditions.

Wed – 12pm – 7pm (Surf Conditions Dependent)

Thurs12pm – 5pm (Surf Conditions Dependent)  

Fri. – 12pm – 7pm (Surf Conditions Dependent)

Sat &  Sunday10am – 5pm (Surf Conditions Dependent)

Hire Booking

For all enquiries please contact Nick on: 07587006639. There is no need to book hire unless you’re wanting to come as a group of more than 5 people.