About the Course

Our Junior Surf Academy is designed to offer people between 8-17 years of age, the opportunity to start surfing and/or improve in a safe and fun environment with qualified instructors. The Course allows for beginners and improvers to learn alongside each other and we find that participants return year after year.

We run our sessions in accordance with Surfing England Junior Surfer Scheme.  The scheme has been developed to support, inform and reward progression at five different levels.  Each level incorporates knowledge of surfing fundamentals, skills in the water, freestyle ability and surf safety. 

What will I need to bring?

We provide all of the equipment but please bring:


Yes, the academy still runs when the sea is calm, this is because it allows us to work with participants on fundamental elements of surfing skills, such as paddling, understanding beach topography, and some water safety which we wouldn’t necessarily get to address when there is surf. Often disguised as a game, we will continue to work on their balance, strength and water confidence. It is very unlikely to be flat four days in a row, so when there is surf they will be able to put into practice everything they have worked on in calmer seas.


If the sea conditions are too dangerous, we may not be able to take them in the sea, if it is likely just to be for part of the day we will endeavour to run the academy still, but fill that time with valuable learning in as fun a manner as possible.  We try to run most sessions as we see the value in budding surfers experiencing all the sea has to offer and understanding how that can affect their surfing experience. .

Times & Availability

Four day course

Monday to Thursday 10am – 2pm each day

(with short 30 minute lunch break around 12pm)

Prices & Booking


includes equipment and full instruction