Want to know about Kris?

We asked Kris a few questions, want to know more just ask… he is always happy to talk down at the surf school. Ask him anything except where his favourite surf break is, he keeps all his favourite surf places close to his chest. Crowd reduction policy he says!

When did you started surfing/Where was the first place you surfed?

When I was 15 (12 years ago). After my first surf I was hooked and been surfing as often as I can ever since.  The first place I surfed was Saltburn Beach.

What was the first board you rode?

The first board I rode was an eight foot TIKI Soft Board.  I hired the same board until I was able to get my own.  I can still remember my first ‘Green Wave’ on it!

What was the first board you brought?

Best Christmas Present I could have asked for. It was a 7ft 2 Gulf Stream Mini Mal. I loved it. I surfed this board for two years solid until I could generate my own speed, do multiple manoeuvres on one wave backhand and forehand before progressing on to a shortboard.

Places you have surfed/travelled surfing?

Scotland, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Morrocco, Indonesia (Bali/Lombok/Sumbawa) and Thailand.

Favourite place to surf?

At home when the waves are good.

What do you ride?

5ft 2 x 17 ¾ x 2 ¼ Enterprise by K and K Surfboards (Local Shaper) and an 8ft round nose Swell board (Foamie) when the waves are small.