Want to know about Freya?

Freya has been part of the Surf School in some form or another for a number of years now, but she is finally getting her hands dirty as part of the Team.  You will find her bent over a bucket cleaning wetsuits, helping with general hire and she can also offer some great advice if you want to know anything about anything and everything. This girl can talk, she loves life and everything that goes with it. She is already an awesome surfer and hopefully a future instructor!

When did you start surfing/first board?

I started surfing when I was about nine but didn’t really start going regularly until I was about ten or eleven which was when I really started to love it! (about the time I joined surf club!). The board I used to use a lot was a foamie my mam and dad were given, however the first board that was properly mine was a stripy foamie I got for my birthday one year.

First place you surfed?

The first place I tried surfing was either Seaton or Saltburn, I can’t quite remember. My first lesson was in Saltburn though.

Places you have surfed/travelled?

I’ve only surfed places in the UK but one day when I’m older I hope to travel the world and surf lots of places! Apart from places near where I live I’ve surfed St. Ouen bay in Jersey, Westport beach on the Mull of Kintyre and another beach in Kintyre I can’t remember, and Pease Bay in Scotland.

Favourite place to surf?

I’m not sure as I haven’t surfed many places so maybe my favourite is still out their unsurfed by me haha! For now, I’d have to say Saltburn because it’s where I surf most, and I love the friendly atmosphere.



What board do you surf?

Mostly my  9.2ft longboard lovingly named Custard (as she is a custard point longboard) and sometimes a foamie because they’re so fun! I’d like to try some shorter boards in the future though too.


Biggest wave you have ridden?

Oo I’m not sure, I think it was about 4ft, although someone said they saw me on one head high once, not sure how that happened haha!

Worst wipeout?

Hm I’m not sure I can remember a specific moment, although I definitely feel scared of the sea sometimes. Confidence is something I’m really trying hard to improve on with my surfing as I seem to gain it and then lose it all the time, hopefully I’ll be a lot more confident by the end of this year!

Places you want to surf?

Everywhere! I can’t wait to explore and surf new places, but to name a few: I’m going to the isle of Barra in the Outer Hebrides this year so I’m excited to surf there, I also want to surf in Iceland, France and somewhere tropical!

Favourite food/post surf?

Chocolate porridge!! I LOVE vegan chocolate porridge. On a not so healthy note, I don’t want to be bigheaded but my famous vegan banana bread is pretty awesome and I also love Mexican food, my dads seitan kebabs and my mam’s minestrone soup! (so basically, all vegan food)

Favourite surfer?

I love watching everyone surf, it’s so cool to see everyone’s unique styles. If I had to pick a favourite professional surfer I’d say Kelia Moniz because she’s graceful, Tia Blanco because she’s awesome and vegan, and all the incredible women on the pro tour!

What do you do other than surfing to keep fit?

I do swimming and I’m trying to keep a regular yoga practise! I’m also going to start doing workouts for strength.

How much do you love your job?

I never knew washing wetsuits could be so fun! Seriously, I love it! Being at the beach all day and meeting knew people, all while going for the occasional surf is the best.

Favourite part about working at Saltburn Surf School?

Even though I’m not teaching any lessons, I love watching from the beach and seeing people’s faces when they stand up for the first time, it’s such an amazing thing! I also love learning things from the people around me as everyone has so much knowledge and so many interesting stories to share.


Best advice for someone wanting to start surfing?

Have a surf lesson! There extremely fun and are the perfect way to find out how to surf correctly. Also, don’t get caught up on if you’re doing it right or how you look, if you’re having fun then I say you’re doing brill!

Advice for someone who has been surfing a little while?

I’d say make sure you have the right equipment for your level and invest in a good quality, warm wetsuit so you can surf all year round!

Your dream job?

My dream job would be something like a surf teacher, marine biologist/conservationist who is also a writer, so a little bit of everything aha.

Have you ever seen a shark?!

No, I haven’t! We only get basking sharks in the north so not too scary, I’ve never seen one, but it might be cool, although a little scary.

Who is your favourite surf buddy?

I love surfing with everyone from surf school as they’re all hilarious but amazing surfers and of course my friends and family.


Who would you be for a day if you could be anyone?

I don’t know, I really love being me, but if I had to choose can I alter the question a bit and be something for a day? I think being a dolphin or a whale would be awesome, jumping out of the water, doing crazy tricks. Yep, definitely a dolphin.

What annoys you the most when surfing?

People who drop in but then don’t apologise! Party waves are awesome but what’s not awesome is setting your board up for a manoeuvre only to have to move because someone’s paddling right next to you. Surfing etiquette is important.

What trick are you trying to perfect at the moment?

I’m working on my cross stepping, confidence in the water and backhand turns.

What piece of equipment other than your suit/boots/glove/board could you not live without?

My changing robe, polar coat thing! It keeps you toasty warm and dries you while staying dry itself at the same time. Best thing I ever bought.

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