About the Course

The Adult Surf Course is a three day course, aimed at improvers and beginners alike. Any level of surfing ability can join as long as you are over 18 years old and are able to swim 50m in a swimming pool.

The three days are based on flexible learning and the course will be adapted to the abilities of those on the course,  with a small coach to participant ratio, we have found that it allows each individual to progress well and at their own pace.

For those that have never surfed before you will be guided through the fundamentals of surfing, catching a wave, standing up and hopefully trimming left and right.  

For those that have already had some surfing experience, we find this three day course allows for any ‘bad habits’ to be ironed out (if you have any of course) and for further progression, whether that be walking to the nose or the board or performing a cutback, we can help guide you through the next step of your surfing journey.

This course is a great way to either start surfing or really improve on your current abilities in a short period of time. There will be plenty of time in the water and all equipment is included.

What will I need to bring?

We provide all of the equipment but please bring:

Course Price


(Three Day Course)

Usually run over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The coaching sessions begin at 10am and run to 2pm with a short lunch break around 12pm. You then have use of the equipment up until 4.30pm to practice anything you have worked on during the day or to just go and have a free fun surf!