Surf Check

 Saltburn Surf School and Hire :  Sat. 24th. Oct.


In addition to our current procedures in place as detailed below. To comply with current Government Legislation we will now have to take the following details from each customer that visits us, whether this be for Hire or for Lessons, with effect from Monday 14th September.  This information will be kept for a minimum of 21 days and securely managed. (Name, Contact number, Time of Arrival and Departure).

Today’s Confirmed Hire opening Times  :  10aqm. till 5pm.

For a full surf check for today please scroll to the bottom of the page….but remember we are operating under different restrictions at the moment so please don’t skip straight past our Covid 19 Notice, please read so you know how to book and check in with us.

This week’s potential opening hours (19th. to 25th. Oct.) :-

Mon. – 1 till 5pm.

Tues. – closed

Wed. – closed

Thurs. – closed

Fri. – 1 till 6pm.

Sat. and  Sun. – 10am. till 5pm.

Nb. Opening depends on there being suitable surf conditions so these times are a guide only. For confirmed times please refer to this Surf Check page as each day comes and remember, for the time being, you need to ring or text Nick on 07587006639 to arrange a time before coming down for Hire. Lessons can be booked online.


COVID 19 Notice to Customers :

The equipment Hire at Saltburn Surf School is now open. Above, on a weekly basis, we will give a guide to our opening hours. This may be subject to change depending on the safety of conditions etc.


For now you will still need to book if you want to hire equipment (ring or text Nick on 07587006639 to arrange a time).


You can now book online directly by following the link below or for enquiries please email us at

Book lessons and surf hire


We will be operating differently to adhere to the current Government Guidelines, this will be reassessed each time restrictions are changed, so please check this page and read before coming to the Surf Hire.

  1. Hire of equipment will be by prior arrangement only  Please text Nick on 07587006639 to book a time slot. This will enable us to limit the number of Hirers both outside the Surf School building and in the sea at any given time.
  2. Please do not come to the Surf School under any circumstances if you have any of the Covid 19 virus symptoms or you are self isolating or you are in a ‘vulnerable’ category.
  3. You must adhere to the 2 metres physical distancing throughout your time spent with us.
  4. Please listen carefully and adhere to any advice given by us before you enter the sea. 


  1. For Hire of equipment  Please text or call Nick on 07587006639 to book a time slot.
  2. There will be no customer access to the inside of the Surf School building. All exchange of equipment and changing in and out of wetsuits will be done outside.
  3. On arrival you will be asked to wait outside, we will establish what equipment it is you want to hire and then get it for you. Wetsuits can be taken to the side of the building or an alternative discreet place to get changed into. We will then put the board/equipment in a collection area ready to be picked up by you when you’re changed and ready to start.
  4. Please bring your own bag or bucket to store your belongings in. These will be kept outside in a designated area and if it rains we will provide cover for them. Please bring as few valuables as possible
  5. After you’re finished in the sea you will be asked to place your board in the returns area.
  6. You can then collect your belongings and when you’re changed you will be asked to place your wetsuit in a designated location.
  7. Payment. Card Payments can be accepted and exact cash payments only. (Please note we will not be accepting old £20 notes).


  • All equipment will be disinfected between uses.
  • Wetsuits and boots will be laundered in the usual thorough fashion and not re-used, where possible, for 72 hours.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available for you to use if you wish.

Hopefully your actual surfing experience will be much the same as normal and as enjoyable, though please remain vigilant and even when you’re in the sea stay at-least several metres away from others and avoid collisions (should be standard practice anyway). Please listen carefully and adhere to any advice given by us before you enter the sea.

Thanks and hopefully see you soon – Nick Noble


Time of report : 7.45am. (Please note this report is accurate at this time and conditions may vary throughout the day).

High tide :  10.44, 4.2m.  Low tide :  16.57, 2.3m.    Surf size : 1 to 2ft.

Swell Direction : N.        Wind : strong to gale-force SSW. (offshore – some shelter in lee of cliffs, stronger out to sea)

Swell Period : fairly lined mid. distance 

Suitability :  swell fading and v. strong offshore winds 


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