At the present time surf club is having a break for the winter but we will be starting up over April.

Surf club has now been running forĀ five years, just as young persons would go to a football club, gymnastics or swimming club, surf club offers youngsters the opportunity to improve their skills by joining the Surfing GB Junior Surfers Scheme. We have now got a dedicated number of members who have advanced tremendously in their surfing skills and remained motivated. Due to the success of the Surf Club there is a waiting list so get your childs name added early.

At present the Surf Club meets every Sunday at 10am/11am for an hour of training. As with last year when daylight hours permit we will extend the training to include Thursday/Wednesday evening at 6.30pm for an hour.

We are creating a club enviroment and hope to offer more senior members of the surf club the ability to become coaches and give back to the newer members with their knowledge and skills.

If your interested Contact Zoee Jones: