Want to know about Zoee?

We have asked her a few questions to give you an insight into her surfing and lifestyle.  If you want to know anything else about Zoee just ask…she is an open book.

When did you started surfing/Where was the first place you surfed?

I started surfing when I was 20….16 years ago now.  I remember it very clearly, it was at Puttsbrough in North Devon.  Someone had lent me a board, not the best board to try on. I was in the water for hours (at least four) and stood up once for a millisecond.  I had no idea how to catch a wave and didn’t really understand why it was so hard, but I persisted. That one millisecond ride got me hooked!  Looking back I wish I had a lesson or the advice to try a bigger board at the time.

What was the first board you brought?

The first board I brought was a second-hand ex rental board.  It was a 9ft Bic…I loved that board and I rode it for two years.  It allowed me to have a high wave count, build up my paddle strength and learn a lot of the basic manoeuvres.  I stupidly sold this board, but I really wish I kept it, it was great in small surf and flew in bigger surf too.  It was quite a heavy board, but I loved it!

9ft BIC My first board and my first two years of surfing

 Places you have surfed/travelled surfing?

OK so this is going to be a long, long list. I have been very lucky to travel the world and surf in some absolutely amazing places,  but here goes…

Scotland including Outer Hebreides, Wales, England of course (North East, Devon and Cornwall), France, Spain (North and South), Portugal, Fuerteventura, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand (yes there is surf in Thailand), Bali, Lombok, Australia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and Morocco

Favourite place to surf?

Omg…this is a difficult question.  I have surfed some absolutely magical places, whilst I love home…I also love warm water. If I close my eyes and picture my favourite surf spot it would have to be a break on the Island of Lombok, there is a perfect right hand reef break. It’s what my dreams are made of.

My Favourite place!! I could Live here quite happily!

What do you ride?

OK so I have a bit of a collection over 12 boards but I ride about four of them cosistently, my longboard (Margaret)9ft 2, my Jet Star 5ft 8 (copy of Hypto Krypto), My Baked Potatoe 5ft 3 and my KandK Surfboards Happy Pill which is 5ft 6……oooh and a foamy when I just want to have fun.

Biggest Wave you have ridden?

Over my head,I would say about 6ft and that’s big enough for me! I went to watch some people riding the huge waves in Portugal and that stuff is definitely insane!!!

Worst Wipeout ever????

Oh I have had a few, I cant remember one specifically, but I remember this year sitting on the beach in Portugal crying because I was so nervous about going out in the sea.  I think you constantly learn and are constantly humbled by the sea, I often question my abilities, but I think this makes me a better coach as I can relate to the wobbles our surf school members have.

 Places you want to go?Surf?

I am looking forward to Sri Lanka at the end of this year and maybe another Europe trip this year, but I would love to go to the Philipines, or Nicaragua or back to Indonesia….ok so I want to travel the world…..again.

Whats you favourite food? Post surf grub?

After a surf, mmmmm if I could get away with eating it all the time and not ballooning into a ten tonne tessy, Freya’s Vegan banana Loaf. Freya is one of our Surf Club members who is not only supper talented in the sea but in the Kitchen aswell and she is only 14years old!!!

Who’s your favourite surfer?

I can’t pick one…. And the reason…I don’t  follow the world tour religiously or watch hours and hours of surfing, but I get to see all our surf club members grow, improve and love being in the sea….these are surfers and well I just couldn’t pick my favourite from them now could I??? I would get a severe dunking at the weekends if I did.

What other training do you do other than surfing to keep fit?

I cycle to work most days, and I am currently training to run two half marathons, one full marathon and an Ultra Marathon all this year.  So I am slowly becoming a machine!! To be honest I have noticed improvements in my paddle fitness and strength doing other exercise.  Healthy eating is a biggy too and I live on Plants, no animal products and well it makes me feel fit and well.

How much do you love your job???

I love it….but if you want to pay meto  just to free surf, I would seriously think about a career change.

What is your favourite part of working at Saltburn Surf School?

Surf Club, it is the most rewarding part of the surf school.  I have had the privelage of watching 8 years olds turn into adults, building relationships with Club members and sharing special memories that will last forever. I share the ‘STOKE’ with them every week and I love it!

Best advice that you would give to someone wanting to start surfing?

Have a lesson at an English Surfing Federation Accredited school. A lesson is the best place to start as there is a lot to think about, safety, when to paddle, when to stand how to paddle… and its great fun…well I enjoy coaching them that’s for sure.

Best advice you would give to someone who has been surfing a little while?

If you are looking to buy your first board, make sure you get the best advice. Going too short to soon can lead you to not enjoying surfng…make sure you get the right kit for your ability.