Want to Know About Nick

Hello everyone, Nick generally doesn’t need an introduction but there have been a lot of new faces down the beach and well there is a whole lot of history we would love to share.

Nick Noble was the first to hire surfboards and wetsuits at Saltburn By The Sea. He set up a mobile hire after getting a licence from the council, that was in 1983 an he has been here ever since.  If it wasn’t for Nick there might be a lot of people that never had the opportunity to surf and well if it wasn’t for Nick, I wouldn’t have the life I (Zoee) am leading now. All our team could possibly be working somewhere far more ‘four wallsy’ and we are grateful the beach is our office. So thank you Nick and hope you all enjoy reading a little bit more about him.

Nicks Hire first season 1983

When did you started surfing/Where was the first place you surfed?

Wooden Belly Board in 1973 at Saltburn Beach

Malibu Board in 1978 at Saltburn Beach

What was the first board you rode?

As above, the Malibu Board was self made – 8f foot, very thick, wide and volumes (single fin).

Yes that’s right folks, the first surfboard Nick ever rode was one he made himself.  Boards were not so easily accessible back in the good old days. Take a look at this photo, the board was called ducksbill and well it is still going strong!

nick and ducks bill

What was the first board you brought?

I think a second hand 7ft 6 Single Fin gun – locally made by Colin Meadows.  Not  a suitable board for the surfing I was doing – didn’t keep it long.

Places you have surfed/travelled surfing?

Round Britain and Ireland (a number of counties) and the West coast of France.

Favourite place to surf?

That’s difficult. It depends on the waves and company and other factors.

What do you ride?

A big, heavy old mal mostly, until I finish making my wooden board.

The wooden board is finished….3 years in the making.  It hasn’t got wet yet, but Nick is planning an early morning session, to make sure that it doesn’t sink, all we need is waves!

Biggest Wave you have ridden?

10 foot maybe

Worst Wipeout ever????

Probably at Runsiwck in the 1980’s – a long hold down (seemed like it anyhow). Came up just in the nick of time in amongst the kelp.

Places you want to go?Surf?

Revisit Outer Hebrides, coast of Fife, North Northumberland and a few local gems.

nick surfing

Whats you favourite food? Post surf grub?

Organic Wholemeal Bread, Olive oil and peanut butter (crunchy)

Who’s your favourite surfer?

Don’t have one, though I see a lot of surfing I like and a lot I don’t like so much whenever there are good waves.

What other training do you do other than surfing to keep fit?

Wash wetsuits, walk the dog and play tennis.

How much do you love your job???

Enough to still be in it after 34 years!!!!

hire Prices 1983

Nick and his Hire Van 1983