Surfing England/International Surfing Association (SE/ISA) level one surf coach course.

Saltburn, England

2-3March 2019

Sun, Surf and Offshore Winds – Who says it’s ‘Grim up North’!


Six students from the North East of England, were involved in a fun and informative course ran by SE/ISA presenter in training Zoee Jones with Andy Joyce her mentor and ISA presenter in attendance.

The course was held at Saltburn Surf School on Saltburn Beach and included future coaches from other Schools along the North East Coastline.

ISA Surf Coach Course 2-3 March. From Left to Right: Zoee Jones (Course Presenter), Finn Gamblin, Andy Joyce (ISA Course Reviewer), Billy Ansty, Jem Ansty, Ali Smith, Tori Gower, Tori Ward.

The students were presented with a variety of information and took part in workshops covering Surfing skills, safety, communication, lesson planning and delivery. They also managed to get an enjoyable surfing practical session in on the first day with well-travelled swell and sunshine.

Foamy Sesh!!!

Students were assessed on their Surfing Skills

Presenter Zoee Jones said “The group really enjoyed the course and felt that they are now well equipped to go on to do their subsequent 20 hour training. They’re infused with a new passion for breaking down surfing skills and applying what they have learnt to their own surfing as well as getting new people involved in the sport. It was great to have Andy present during the weekend to be approved in my role as a course presenter and receive feedback on the how the course was run/structured. ”

Fun on the North East Coast

Andy said “It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of Zoee’s journey to become a Surf instruction programme presenter. It is also an amazing milestone for the ISA and Surfing England as she is the 1st British female presenter and 1st in the NE of England! Congratulations”

Zoee will be running more SE/ISA Level 1 Surf coaching courses in 2019, for further details contact


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