Recycle, Reuse and reduce your impact on the Environment

The ethical workings, sustainability and the environmental impact of our business comes high on the agenda at Saltburn Surf School.  We pride ourselves on trying to reuse/recycling everything we have and try to impact our environment as little as possible.  After all it is ‘Mother Nature’ that dictates whether we thrive or not and in turn we pay her the upmost respect. We try to do this in a number of ways.

Nick Noble has really led the way for us here at the Surf School. Nick is a Surfers Against Sewage Rep and has been for over 15 years. He has helped organise many beach cleans over the years and liaises with other local groups such as KICAS (Keeping It Clean At Saltburn). We fully support the #2minutebeachclean and you will always find the board and pickers out front, available for anyone to use.


Whilst there maybe the select few that still throw litter or disregard items leaving a legacy of waste on our beaches we have seen a massive shift in peoples efforts.  We do see a light at the end of the tunnel and cannot believe the heightened awareness regarding single use plastics, reuse, up cycle, and individuals/companies taking responsibility of their impact on the environment.

We very rarely throw anything away, wetsuit repairs and board repairs are essential, we would always prefer to bring a piece of equipment back to life than to contribute another piece to landfill. We only sell things that are meant to last; you won’t find the polystyrene body boards that will snap on first use in our shop. We try to encourage more people to buy second hand equipment, giving older surfboards a new lease of life with a new owner. Our whole ethos is about quality and ensuring things last, so everything we sell is tried and tested.

We also have no mains electricity, all our power comes from two solar panels on the roof and it is stored in a battery bank in the building. We do have to use fresh water to wash our wetsuits out after use, but we use an Eco Friendly detergent, which is all organic and has no impact on the environment.

So….when a company came to us with a vision and a product that matches all our ethics, we couldn’t wait to work with them.  GRN Sports Wear is a UK company that makes sports wear from recycled plastic bottles…yes you heard it right. This product is perfect for Rash Vests. Their sustainable, ethical and technical fabric is knitted and finished in their mill in Nottingham. The fabric is then expertly printed and cut, in our case at Teesside University. The idea was to keep the supply chain as local as possible, supporting UK Companies and the development of UK Manufacturing.

It’s been a long journey, but today the product arrived!!! We are so unbelievably happy with the rash vests.



They will be used to identify our students in the water. The print work and quality are above and beyond what we expected. We will again be putting them to the test, starting off the weekend with all our lesson participants wearing them! What do you think?


(Thanks to our wonderful models from the After Work Club – Adults Surf Club)

Would you buy a rash vest made from recycled fabrics? I think if you going to buy one it has to be right? Whilst we have no immediate plans to stock these in our shop. If we get enough interest we will create an order and you too could own a perfectly ethical, sustainable piece of surf gear.

Are you making conscious decisions to impact the environment less and less each day? Is there anything you think that we could do to again reduce waste or our impact?  We love to hear what you are up to or any suggestions you may have.

Thanks for reading folks.