Mindfulness in the Surf

How do you feel after a surf?

Surfing is such a wonderful sport and through our years of coaching we have found it to be so inclusive. No matter your shape, size, age or your current physical abilities you can get benefits and enjoyment from simply having a go.

We believe at Saltburn Surf School that not only does surfing improve your physical fitness, it offers you benefits that some people pay hundreds of pounds to achieve.

Have you ever heard of THALASSOTHERAPY?

No? What about Halotherapy?

They are real words!!! Yep there is actually a word for what we prescribe ourselves whenever we get in the sea.  Did you know that there are places in the UK that you can pay to swim in salt water?  We have it for free and it’s on our doorstep.

Sea water has high amounts of minerals, including sodium, chloride, sulphate, magnesium and calcium.

Salt has many benefits according to modern and ancient medicine.  A recent article in the Daily Mail, provided an extensive list of benefits that we can gain from being in and around seawater.


So if your looking for clearer skin, soothing your psoriasis or eczema look no further than the inviting North Sea.

Cold water …..…. well that’s even better!

It is suggested that cold sea swimming activates endorphins, adrenalin and cortisol which has been linked to an increase in the release of dopamine and serotonin –  which are our happy hormones.

Other benefits can include; Reduce symptoms of hayfever, sinuous and respiratory symptoms.

So ultimately we are winning!

 There is more!!!

Have you heard the word ‘mindfullness’? This is where we believe surfing plays a role in our mental wellbeing. When you are in the sea, your focus is very much in the present. You are not thinking about what you are going to do next Saturday night, or did you forget to bring the washing in. You are thinking about your surroundings, reacting to the environment.  When you get in the sea you instantly become aware of your body, your thoughts and feelings.

Ask any surfer what they are thinking about when they are in the sea and the answer will be the same no matter the age/gender/ability……..’my next wave’!!!

Mindfullness can help us enjoy life more and understand ourselves better. A Professor called Mark Williams a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford, says that it is important to reconnect with our bodies and sensations they experience.  He thinks its important to Try something new or do an activity that allows you to focus……

We think surfing falls in to this.

So come join us down the beach for a little bit of Therapy!!!